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Who We Are

Solidaridad Central Jersey is a group of volunteer community members created to support our immigrant neighbors. Our primary work is to assist with the submission of asylum applications.

Our Mission

  • To support our neighbors seeking asylum

  • To increase their chances of finding legal representation

What We Do

Operate a Pro Se Clinic to assist our neighbors in making their best case for asylum. 


Pro Se means  “For Oneself”


Our clinic supports the neighbor; they make the decisions about their case.


We are not lawyers and provide no legal advice to our neighbors. We have an attorney review team who provides consultation/review of applications but does not represent our neighbors. Our volunteers receive training from immigration experts prior to beginning their work with our neighbors.

Our Values

No Judgment about,

  • Who should be here

  • Strength or weakness of case

  • Personal story of neighbor, family or community 



  • Human dignity has no levels

  • No one is “illegal”

  • We don’t save people -we help

  • Decisions belong to neighbor


Do No Harm

  • Anonymity 

  • Confidentiality 

  • If not sure ask


Solidaridad was created in 2018 by local Princeton/Mercer County volunteers concerned about possible ICE raids that would disrupt the lives of our immigrant neighbors. A rapid response team was created to immediately respond to the home of a neighbor if a raid occurred. It was soon clear that this was not occurring and the primary activity became rides to ICE offices in Newark and Mt.Laurel. By early 2020 a Solidaridad ProSe Clinic was created to support our neighbors with asylum applications. A once a week clinic was established at Witherspoon Presbyterian Church.


When the COVID pandemic caused in-person activity to shut down the Pro-Se clinic went virtual and we have been operating primarily on WhatsApp ever since. We have found this both efficient and flexible and it allows for multiple teams to be operating on independent schedules. 

Solidaridad Central Jersey

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